Transcripts for Former Students (Alum) 

To obtain a copy of your transcript, please follow these steps:

**Please note: Telephone requests are NOT accepted

  • Print and fill out a transcript request form
    • Former student's signature is required
    • We cannot accept requests from a second party without signed consent
      from the former student (includes parents of students 18 years and older)
  • Bring completed request form to the Davis Senior High Counseling Office or request by mail:
    • Davis Senior High School Registrar
      315 West 14th Street
      Davis, CA 95616

  • Other options for submitting request form:
  • Process time is approximately 3 to 5 business days (no expedited services available)

*Need to request immunization records? Follow these same steps but circle Immunizations on the form. 

Questions? Email us at

Transcripts for Current Students 

To obtain a copy of your transcript or to have your transcript sent to a college/organization, please follow these steps:

Official Transcript (sealed/signed)

  • Stop by the Transcript Counter in the Counseling Office
  • Follow posted instructions on requesting a transcript
  • Complete the “Official Transcript Request Card”
  • Please allow 3 -5 business days for processing (Expediting services are not available)

** To  have a transcript mailed - Provide a stamped addressed envelope to the college or organization you want transcript to be sent.

Unofficial Transcript(unsealed /unsigned)

  • To request an unofficial transcript (unsealed/unsigned)
  • Visit the transcript counter in the Counseling Office
  • Fill out form to request an unofficial transcript

Questions? Email us at