Blue Devils Mascot 


Blue DevilsLes Chasseurs Alpins (Mountain Hunters) founded in 1882 were recruited from the Alps and Pyrenees and trained to defend France's mountain borders. In World War I they fought in many theaters of battle and were especially active in the mountainous Vosges region. Their foes nicknamed them Blue Devils for the color of their uniforms and their toughness and skill in battle. 

This painting depicts a unit of decorated Blue Devil veterans marching in a Liberty Bond parade in New York on April 30, 1918 during their good will visit to the United States. 

The Blue Devils were very popular with the American public and a few years later Davis High School, as well as several other institutions, adopted the Blue Devil for a mascot in their honor. 

Les Chasseurs Alpins are still active in the French army. Their blue berets once worn in battle are a distinctive part of their dress uniform. They live and fight by the motto:

Jamais être pris vivant
(Never to be taken alive)