Student Government

Student Government is a Practical Art Elective where students learn and practice many real-world skills from leadership and team management, to event planning, to general business and professionalism skills. More importantly, the class acts as a student council, representing the student voice at Davis High, interfacing with DHS administration, the DJUSD school board, the many clubs on the DHS campus, and other important site and community groups. 

Stud Gov't needs members from diverse backgrounds, with unique perspectives and varying interests to truly represent the entire student body. Be that voice. Advocate for others. Make change at Davis High. Give your peers the best of years. Apply today!  

Activity Authorization Form

Planning an activity? Make a copy of the Activity Authorization Form and submit it to the Executive Board.

Club Meeting Minutes Form

Report the activity of your club through the ASB Club Meeting Minutes Form.

Purchase Order Request

Want to make a purchase for your club? Seek approval by submitting a Purchase Order Request Form.