Academic Integrity

Davis Senior High School upholds the highest standards and expectations for academic integrity among all students in order to advance the pursuit of intellectual excellence. Any form or act of academic dishonesty undermines our standards of excellence and erodes the trust required among members of our school community.

  • We believe in establishing a school climate that promotes ethical and and responsible student conduct;

  • We assert that neither pressure for grades, inadequate time management for studying or completing an assignment, nor unrealistic expectations justify dishonest behavior by students.  We will not tolerate any dishonest behavior that creates an unfair academic advantage for students or results in a disadvantage for another;

  • We affirm the intrinsic value of learning for learning’s sake;

  • We support the development of a school culture that furthers our academic mission and recognizes the hard work of students and faculty alike.

The academic integrity statement was informed by the Fresno High School Academic Policy.