The Wellness Center

What to Expect at The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is available to all students

  1. Check in with your teacher and get a pass to come to The Wellness Center

  2. Arrive at The Wellness Center and present your pass. We are located in the main office building between the counseling and nursing offices. The Center faces the staff parking lot on W. 14th st. 

  3. You will be welcomed into The Wellness Center by a staff member and invited to fill out an intake form. The form asks you to share a little bit about what brings you to The Wellness Center as well as what you feel that you need for that visit. If nothing applies to you, you may write your own response. 

  4. Choose an available area to sit. Maintain covid-conscious distance between you and other students. The capacity of The Wellness Center is about 7 students. 

  5. After 10-15min a staff member will check in with you. 

  6. Take your pass back to class

Other things of note:

  • It is important to respect the privacy of others using the space. For various reasons, students may arrive at or leave from The Wellness Center with a campus staff member. Please don’t be alarmed or concerned by seeing other students coming and going with other staff members.

  • If you find yourself needing to meet with a counselor, nurse, administrator, or safety supervisor during your visit, I hope you don’t worry too much. We are all here to support you and we want to connect you with a staff member best equipped to meet your need. 

  • As much as is possible The Wellness Center will be open except for scheduled closures

  • The Wellness Center is closed during morning break and lunch

  • If The Wellness Center is closed and you need support, check in at the front desk.

  • The school’s Tardy Policies apply to The Wellness Center. You should be checking in with your teacher before arriving at The Wellness Center. 

The Wellness Center Agreements

  • Bring a pass

  • Stay no more than 10-15min

  • No phone use (except for listening)

  • Maintain a quiet and respectful space