Message from Dr. Geigle

Greetings, Blue Devil Families!

It is my honor to join and serve the Davis Senior High School community! I am humbled and thrilled to be a part of the long-storied tradition our Blue Devils have established in achieving educational excellence throughout the years. It is my belief every young person deserves high-quality teaching and learning that provides access and success in their post-secondary pathway. I have an unwavering passion to prepare and support our scholars for college, career, and whatever path in life they choose to accomplish their dreams. 

I can speak first hand about the influence a teacher can have on a child’s life. My trajectory would have been tremendously different if it was not for the dedication of an educator while I was in high school who guided me toward college as an option for my future. After earning a B.A. in English from San Jose State University, I returned to the Central Valley to teach for Aspire Langston Hughes Academy while working on my teaching credential and M.A. in Education. My love for curriculum and instruction grew during my years teaching high school/early college English, and then supporting my fellow educators as an Instructional Coach. I continued to serve the community as Chief Academic Officer at ABLE Charter Schools, where I led a team who implemented a rigorous academic program that successfully closed opportunity gaps and elevated student achievement. I earned my Ed.D. in Educational Administration and Leadership from the University of the Pacific while having the pleasure of serving as Principal at Aspire Langston Hughes Academy. This summer, I will complete coursework to earn my MBA from Louisiana State University. 

I also understand the importance of family, and for my family to be tied closely to education and the DSHS community. My wife, Lisa (who is also a school Principal) and I have three little ones.

DSHS has designed a safe and positive school community inclusive for every Blue Devil to thrive as their best self. We have a full range of student-driven clubs, enrichments, and organizations where our students can engage and find their interests to further their development as young adults. Our Blue Devils can become a scholar-athlete and add to our championship legacy in athletics. In addition, we have many spaces and programs on campus where students seek to speak with a trusted adult who can provide social-emotional supports. 

We will work tirelessly to ensure every Blue Devil scholar has the access and opportunity to reach our DSHS graduate profile. Our educators are devoted to developing life-long authentic partnerships with our DSHS parents and families to ensure student outcomes are achieved. Our gratitude is endless for the students and families who enlist their trust in us to provide an educational environment that presses academics, yet nurtures character.

Our DSHS team of educators and support staff are committed to ensure an equitable and rigorous learning environment that serves the needs of every Blue Devil scholar – every minute of every day. We are poised to lead and teach with the love, support, and urgency needed for our scholars and educators to attain excellence. 

I look forward to supporting and partnering with every member of our DSHS family this school year!
Go Blue Devils!

Bryce Geigle, Ed.D. | Principal

Davis Senior High School