Apply for a Work Permit

Work permits are being processed electronically.  Please note that work permits are issued to individuals who have accepted a position, not to individuals who are in the process of seeking a job.

Follow the below steps for acquiring a work permit:

1.     Read the “Work Permit Regulations” Pdf

2.     Print and fill out the “Work Permit Request Form” Pdf

3.     E-mail your completed “Work Permit Request Form” to Ms. Serrano-Montoy (

4.     A DSHS administrator will then issue a work permit by e-mail.  Ms. Serrano-Montoy will be Cc’d on the e-mail.  

5.     Sign the work permit

6.     Get a signed copy of the work permit to your employer.

7.     Finally, e-mail a copy of the signed work permit to Ms. Serrano-Montoy.