Textbook Distribution  

UPDATE: Textbook distribution has moved to the Student Success Center (SSC) in the school main office (facing W 14th Street). The SSC will be open between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for picking up textbooks.

What's in the bag? All students will receive a blue DJUSD tote bag with the textbooks needed for Quarter 1 (periods 2, 4 and 6). Some students (mostly seniors) will receive books for Quarter 2 (periods 1, 3, 5 and 7) as well. We will plan another textbook distribution for Quarter 2 courses in late October/early November.


1.    Pickup is at the Student Success Center in the school main office building (door facing W 14th Street).

2.    Signage and staff will direct you appropriately.

4.  Please have a student ID number ready. Displaying ID card is helpful but not required. If a parent/guardian is picking up items without the student in attendance, provide first and last name, student ID number is helpful but not required.

5. Pick up time is not the time to discuss matters concerning schedules. If you have any questions concerning schedules, please contact your counselor. 

Safety Measures:

1.    All persons are required to wear a mask while on the DHS campus.

2.    All persons are required to maintain appropriate social distancing while on the DHS campus.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


The DSHS Admin Team

Textbook Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Textbook Distribution

I missed textbook distribution
Textbooks are in the gym. Pickup is between 8:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. from Tuesday, September 8 until further notice.

I came to get books but I don't have any to pick up
If the student does not have any books then it is possible that there were no books for their classes in Quarter 1. Quarter 2 disbursement will happen later (in October). If this is not the case then the student should email "Davis Senior High School Library" <dshslibrary@djusd.net> and Library will follow up with them.

I had a schedule change and need the new book
Book bags were made based on schedules from August 21. Schedule changes made after that date are not reflected in the contents of the book bags. Here are the steps a student needs to take:
  1. Please contact your counselor and inform them you do not have the correct book and confirm that the class was changed in your schedule.
  2. The counselor will notify V.P. Nero and our library staff of the change.
  3. The library staff will prepare the requested textbook  and send you an email confirmation when you can pick up your book at the current textbook distribution location.
We are working as quickly as possible. Providing your book the same day is not a realistic expectation. Please allow up to 2 days to receive your confirmation email to pick up from the day you notify your counselor. Please return books from any classes you have dropped. We appreciate your patience.

I did not have any schedule changes but I got the wrong book or did not get a book at all
This student should email the library right away at  "Davis Senior High School Library" <dshslibrary@djusd.net> and Library will follow up with them.

Except for students who missed the scheduled pickup date, all other students will be contacted by library staff first to be told when a book is ready. Students under no circumstance should walk up to the library to inform of changes and expect a book immediately. If you have any questions or concerns please contact V.P. Nina Nero nero@djusd.net.

Book Return

You may return textbooks and library books at the DSHS library entryway on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. This is an "unattended drop off" as staff will not be checking in materials until a later time. Please place books in a paper or plastic shopping bag with the student’s name and student ID number clearly marked on the bag. Then place the bag on the table inside the entryway to the DSHS library.

If you have questions or concerns regarding textbooks, or fines for missing or damaged items, please send an email message to dshslibrary@djusd.net or call the library at (530) 757-5400 extension 181.  Thank you.


What if I missed my Textbook Collection time? (Or I find a missing book later?)
You may now return items to the "unattended drop off" at the entryway to the Craig Armstrong Library on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Please place items in a plastic or paper shopping bag, labeled with the student's name and ID number, and set the bag on the table in the entryway to the DSHS library

How do I pay for fines?
We do not assess fines for items merely overdue. Fines are assessed for missing or damaged items only.

Fines may be paid online at the
Blue Devil Online Store. Select "Library" under "Product Categories", click on the lost & damaged books image and enter the amount of the fine(s), the student's name and the student's ID number. The fine amount field is labeled "Donation Amount." Yes, we know it's not a "donation," but we can't change the name of the field.

Due to COVID protocols, we are currently unable to accept cash payments.
Fines may also be paid by check. Please include the student ID number in the memo line, and make the check payable to
Davis Senior High School. Mail the check to:

Davis Senior High School

attn: Textbook Room

315 W 14th Street

Davis, CA 95616

We will not collect payment for fines during textbook collection events.

How do I challenge a fine?
Send an email message to dshslibrary@djsud.net with the details and circumstances of the fine. Please include the student's name and ID number. The fine may remain, be reduced, or be waived, depending upon our investigation.

I lost a book--how much does it cost/can I buy a replacement?
If you know the book in question is indeed lost, or damaged beyond repair, please contact dshslibrary@djusd.net for payment or replacement options. Be sure to include details from the "Fine and Overdue Message" in your inquiry.

What if I have other questions?
Please contact the library staff at dshslibrary@djusd.net. Or you may leave a phone message at the library desk, (530) 757-5400 extension 181.

Commonly Requested Textbooks

Below is a list of commonly requested textbooks, with links to selected online bookseller websites for each title.

Math Department

(Integrated Math 2) Core Connections Integrated II, CPM, 2015 ISBN 9781603283489 CPM Mathematics  Amazon listing  

(Integrated Math 3) Core Connections Integrated III, CPM, 2015 ISBN 9781603283939 CPM Mathematics Amazon listing 

(Intro Analysis) Precalculus, Holt, 2004 ISBN 9780030696084     Amazon listing    Barnes & Noble listing

(Calculus AB) Thomas' Calculus Early Transcendentals, Addison-Wesley, 2007 ISBN 9780321495754 Amazon listing 

(AP Statistics) Stats: Modeling the World, Pearson, 2007 ISBN 9780131876217   Amazon listing    Barnes & Noble listing 


Social Science Department

(AP US History) Enduring Vision, Houghton Mifflin, 2007 ISBN 9780618333332    Amazon listing    Barnes & Noble listing

(Modern World Civ) Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction, McDougal Littell, 2006 ISBN 9780618557158  Amazon listing 


Science Department

(AP Biology) Campbell Biology in Focus, Pearson, 2013 ISBN 9780133102178    Amazon listing    Barnes & Noble listing

(AP Chemistry) Chemistry: the Central Science, Prentice Hall, 13th edition Amazon listing    Barnes & Noble listing 

(Honors Physics) Physics, Wiley, 2007 ISBN 9780471663157    Amazon listing    Barnes & Noble listing

(Chemistry) Prentice Hall Chemistry, Prentice Hall, 2002 ISBN 9780130543837   Amazon listing    Barnes & Noble listing


World Language

(Spanish 1) Avancemos 1, Holt McDougal, 2010 ISBN 9780554025315 Amazon listing  Barnes & Noble listing