Counseling FAQs


College Application Questions
How do I sign up for the SATs and/or ACTs?  When should I take them?  Do I need to take them if I know I'm attending a community college?

If a student plans to attend a 4-year college/university, they should be checking the college's website regarding the requirement for either the SAT or ACT.  UCs and CSUs both no longer use or require either the SAT or the ACT for admission purposes. Community colleges do not require either exam for enrollment.  College Board/ACT advise students to take the respective test during spring of the junior year.  Most students will take these exams twice in hopes to improve their score after the first time.  A student may attempt the tests as early as sophomore year but it is advised to have as much English and math background before taking the exams for the first time.  It is also considered helpful preparation to take the PSAT in the junior year (given annually in October) as a practice test prior to signing up for the official SAT.  To register for each test, please visit their respective web sites at College Board (SAT) and ACT.  Dates vary between the two tests so plan accordingly.

How do I list my 9th grade coursework?

If you attended 9th grade at a DJUSD junior high, you will list your 9th graded coursework under Davis Senior High School, just as you do for grades 10, 11, and 12.  

Where do I add Health and PE to my applications?

UC/CSUs are interested in seeing that you have met at least the minimum a-g requirements.  Neither Health nor PE fulfill an a-g subject requirement and, therefore, are not college prep courses.  You do not list them on your applications.

Do I need to send a transcript to each UC and CSU I am applying to?
UCs and CSUs do not require a transcript during the application process.  There is no need to order a transcript to be sent to campuses you may be applying to.  However, once you have submitted your application, it is important to pay attention to your email.  After you have submitted your application to UC and/or CSU, individual campuses may contact you if they require a transcript to be sent at that time.  Do not send request a transcript to be sent unless you receive an email requesting one.
Counseling Department Questions
My parents and/or I would like to meet with my counselor. Do we need to make an appointment?

In order to have dedicated time to appropriately address your questions and concerns, we do request that students and parents utilize the Counseling Department's online appointment scheduler.  The link for the scheduler can be found on our main department page.  Once an appointment is made,  simply report to the Counseling Office on the date and time of the appointment.  Of course, if you have a quick question, please feel free to email or drop a note off for your counselor.

My counselor isn't here today. Can I see another counselor?

As counselors, we enjoy working with our students and building a positive rapport and relationship with each one of you.  We do understand that there may be times when an issue may need to be resolved immediately, and your counselor may not be present.  If this is the case, any available counselor will be happy to assist you.  If the matter is not urgent and can wait, we do encourage you to either email your counselor, leave a note, or make an appointment to see your counselor to discuss the matter.
General Questions
How can I get a work permit?

Request for Work Permit forms are located in the form carousel in the DSHS main office.  The State of California requires employers to have a current work permit on file for employees under the age of 18.  You will find information on how to complete this form on the form itself.  If you have additional questions, speak with your DSHS counselor.

I'm worried I might fail a class.  What happens if I do?

It is a misconception that students will repeat a grade is they fail to meet the necessary credit requirements during the school year.  At the high school level, student still progress to the next grade level but remain deficient in credits. However, it is important that students make up the deficiencies as soon as possible to remain on track for graduation.  A student should meet with the counselor to determine the appropriate course of action.

Scheduling Questions
How late can I drop a course?

A student may request to add/drop a course during the first ten days of the school year.  Students who drop a course during that time may do so without any entry on their permanent record.  A student who drops a course after the first three weeks of the semester may receive a F grade on their permanent record, unless otherwise decided by the principal or designee because of extenuating circumstances.  At spring semester, yearlong courses will only be dropped for extenuating circumstances with administrative approval.

Change requests require a form that is available at the Counseling Office.  Requests are not guaranteed. If problems arise, parents and students are advised to speak first with the classroom teacher to identify strategies for success.

Can I change teachers?

We believe all of our teachers have something very positive to offer and have the best interests  of students in mind.  However, we understand certain circumstances and situations arise such as personality conflicts and different teaching/learning styles, creating a difficult environment for the student and/or teacher.  It is our intention to help students work through these challenges rather than avoid them.  We have a formal policy regarding teacher changes, outlined by our administration, that we follow.  If a student requests a teacher change, the student first must agree to a meeting with the teacher and parent to discuss the issues of concern.  It is the goal to develop a plan to improve the situation during the initial meeting.  

Which years can a student have a 5-period day?

A student can request a 5-period day as a Junior and Senior, providing that the student is on track for graduation.  Sophomores must take at least six periods.