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7:30am 11:30am
Monday, May 1 US Government                             Vets' Memorial MPR Chemistry  DSHS North Gym                             Spanish Lit  VM Game Room
Tuesday, May 2 Chinese  DSHS Library Lab                              Enviro Science  VM MPR Psychology VM Game Room
Wednesday, May 3 English Lit VM MPR Comp Sci A  VM Game Room
Thursday, May 4 Human Geo DSHS Dance Room MacroEcon VM MPR                  Statistics  VM MPR
Friday, May 5  US History  VM MPR                   Art History  DSHS North Gym          MicroEcon    VM Club Room

7:30am 11:30pm 1:30pm
Monday, May 8 Calculus AB        VM MPR                 Calculus BC  DSHS North Gym  Comp Sci Principles Library Lab
Tuesday, May 9  English Language  VM MPR     Japanese DSHS Conference Rm Physics C: Mech   Library Lab Physics C: E & M    Library Lab
Wednesday, May 10 Spanish Lang  DSHS North Gym  Biology  VM MPR
Thursday, May 11 French Lang                            DSHS Conference Room Physics 1 VM MPR
Friday, May 12 Music Theory VM MPR B Physics 2 VM MPR A

VM  = Veterans' Memorial This is the facility across the student parking lot on W. 14th St.  Please enter the building (for all 3 testing rooms) on W 14th St.
There are three testing rooms inside the Vets' Memorial: the MPR, the Game Room and the Club Room 
DSHS Dance Room = Please enter this interior South Gym room from the area on the back of the S. Gym
DSHS Conference Room = Please report to the DSHS Main Admin Office 
Library Lab = Located at the back of the Library's first floor

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Please view the PSAT and SAT Testing pages for updated information.