Councils and Committees


Curriculum and Instruction (C&I)

The Curriculum and Instruction Committee (C&I) is composed of the department chairpersons, certain subject specialists, and representatives from school administration and parents. The committee normally meets the first Wednesday of each month. The committee discusses changes or additions to the curricular program at Davis Senior High School, including course descriptions and textbook adoptions.

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WASC, or the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, is the accrediting agency for high schools in California. Davis Senior High School has adopted the following goals for its WASC Action Plan through 2029.

WASC/Site Action Plan for DHS (2023)

  1. Close the Achievement Gap: Increase the academic success of unduplicated students (EL, Foster Youth, Low SES)
  2. Explore and Advance 21st Century Teaching and Learning Opportunities: In working toward implementing 21st Century Teaching and Learning, teachers will explore, learn, and discover best practices. 
  3. Create an inclusive school environment for all students:  Increasing positive school climate, focusing especially on student connectedness to school, school safety, and student participation.


WASC reports

WASC 2016 Self-Study

WASC 2019 Mid-Cycle Report

WASC 2023 Self-Study