Grading Information


Letter grades of A, B, C, D, F are given, with D being the lowest passing grade. “Pass/Fail” grades may be given in Physical Education classes and Robotics Engineering. College preparatory courses show a “P” on the transcript. AP and Honors courses are given one extra point in calculating Total GPA and College GPA. Grades are calculated on a 4.0 scale.

Grade Point Averages: 

  • State GPA is unweighted and based on courses grades 10 - 12 excluding P.E. 
  • Total GPA is based on all subjects taken in grades 9 – 12 and is weighted. 
  • College GPA is calculated on college preparatory courses in grades 10 – 12 and is weighted.

The academic year is made up of two 18-week semesters. Students may take up to seven courses each semester. A limited summer school for remediation is available.

Transcripts and graduation requirements include courses taken in grade 9 at junior high schools.