Apply for a Work Permit

Work permits are being processed electronically.  Please note that work permits are issued to individuals who have accepted a position, not to individuals who are in the process of seeking a job.
*Please note that work permits can take from 3-5 business days to complete. Work permits must be renewed every August.

Follow the below steps for acquiring a work permit:

1.     Read the “Work Permit Regulations” Pdf

2.     Print and fill out the “Work Permit Request Form” Pdf

3.     Student fills out their portion and has parent sign their portion as well.

4.     Student gives form to employer in person or via email.

5.     E-mail your completed “Work Permit Request Form” to Julie Clayton 
([email protected]).

The Work Permit Request Form contains confidential personal information. Your email must be encrypted for DJUSD to receive this information electronically. See the following links for encrypted email instructions: Gmail, OutlookApple Mail

6.     Work Permit Request form is created and given to Vice-Principal for review.

7.     A DSHS administrator will then issue a work permit. 

8.     Students are responsible for checking in with the school to see if the work permit has been approved and is ready to be picked up.

9.     If work permit is ready, the student signs in person the work permit and the Contract for Grades and Attendance.

10.     Get a signed copy of the work permit to your employer.

11.     Finally, after copies are made, student receives a copy of Contract for Grades and Attendance, the issued work permit, as well as the work regulations that will go to the employer.