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Each year, students in grade 11 participate in State Testing. The  California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) and the California Science Test (CAST) provide Davis Senior High with important information about our students’ level of reading, writing, math and science skills compared to other students in schools across the State of California. Our school is considered among the top performing schools in the Greater Sacramento Region, and our CAASPP results are a key measure of our success and our progress. In previous years, too many students opted-out of these important assessments.  With the State penalizing schools who do not reach a 95% participation rate, we are taking steps to increase awareness of the importance of taking these assessments.  Last year Davis Senior High student participation on CAASPP testing was only 68%.

Moving Testing Dates Earlier 

To increase student participation this year, we are moving the dates of  CAASPP testing to March. This will help our students to focus on the CAASPP in March and AP exams in May. We are asking our students and parent community to prioritize participation in the CAASPP and CAST.  A calendar of test dates is included below.

Why is CAASPP Testing Important?

Informing our school’s programming and instruction into the future

There are many reasons why CAASPP results are important to our school. Most notably, testing results inform our decisions on how we allocate resources, make programming decisions about opportunities and supports for our students, and deliver instruction to all students.  

Providing a measure of College and Career Readiness

This computer adaptive assessment provides a reliable and accurate measure of our students’ College and Career readiness. Participation in the CAASPP is also required for students seeking the prestigious  California State Seal of Biliteracy

One way to determine placement for college classes

Students can benefit by using their CAASPP results to determine their placement in freshman General Education English and mathematics courses at all CSUs, UCs, and Community Colleges. Please find information about the Early Assessment Program (EAP).  Therefore, we advise students that it is important that they participate in the testing and do their best on the CAASPP.   

Opt Out Process

Pursuant to California Education Code Section 60615, parents/guardians may annually submit to the school a written request to excuse their child from any or all of the CAASPP assessments. Mindful of our commitment to full student participation, parent/guardians, who wish to excuse their student from testing, must provide a written and signed request that should be submitted to the Davis Senior High office no later than March 6, 2020.

Participation is Key--- Mark Your Calendars!

Our first testing windows will be March 18-19 and March 25-26. Our Math and English Department teachers are working with students to prepare for the CAASPP by taking practice tests. Below is the schedule for State testing. Help us reach our goal of full student participation!

CAASPP/CAST Testing Calendar

 English Language Arts Practice Test  Week of March 2 
 Math Practice Test Week of March 9
 English Language Arts Official Test March 18, 19
 Math Official Test March 25, 26
 CA Science Test (CAST) Practice Test TBA
 CA Science Test (CAST) Official Test May 20, 21



If you have questions or concerns, please contact Vice Principal Mark Simi at 530-757-5400 x103 or