Student Participation in CAASPP Testing is Critical
Posted on 03/06/2020

Each year, students in grade 11 participate in State Testing. The  California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) and the California Science Test (CAST) provide Davis Senior High with important information about our students’ level of reading, writing, math and science skills compared to other students in schools across the State of California.  Our school is considered among the top performing schools in the Greater Sacramento Region, and our CAASPP results are a key measure of our success and progress. In previous years, too many students opted-out of these important assessments and with the State penalizing schools who do not reach a 95% participation rate, we are taking steps to increase awareness of the importance of taking the CAASPP. Davis Senior High is encouraging all parents and students to prioritize State testing.  We use our CAASPP results to inform our decisions regarding the allocation of resources to support our programs. The results are also used as a measure of our students’ career and college readiness. Students can use their CAASPP results to help determine placement in their freshman college classes.

To increase student participation, Davis Senior High is moving the CAASPP testing dates to March to avoid schedule conflicts with AP exams and is asking our students and parent community to prioritize participation.
Learn more and view testing schedule.