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Verifying Editorial Claims

Verifying Editorial Claims

In this assignment, you will search for an editorial in the NewsBank database through the Yolo County Library.  You will identify its claim, as well as labeling which statements are fact and which statements are opinion.  You will then source a factual claim from the editorial.  Lastly, you will create a journal entry describing the steps you went through to find the editorial and source its factual claim.


Connect to Newsbank and login using a Yolo County Library barcode.

Click on the “Access World News” link.  At the resulting search screen, click on the “All Text” drop-down box and select “section” from the list.  In the search box, type in “editorial” and click search.  The resulting list will be articles from editorial sections of the newspapers in the database.

Note that some of the articles will be letters to the editor.  You may select from these, but it may be harder to source the claims.  Try to choose from among editorials written by the newspaper staff.

Print out the editorial.  On the paper copy, note factual claims by writing an “f” and opinions by writing an “o” in the margin next to the statement.  Choose one factual claim and source it.  That means, verify it by an independent source.

Create a citation of the source, and a notecard including a quote from the source verifying the editorial claim.  In NoodleBib, put your project into the “Verifying Editorial Claims Fall 2011” drop box.  Also, I have shared an example citation/notecard in your project area called “Editorial.”  (Do not add your citation to the “Editorial” project; it is an example only.)

Lastly, on a separate notecard, write a journal entry describing your thought process as you went through these steps.

Student outcome should be:

  1. Printed copy of editorial, annotated with f for facts and o for opinions.
  2. Citation in NoodleBib of factual source.
  3. Notecard from factual source
  4. Notecard describing the thought process of the assignment.