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Wikipedia Assignment

Wikipedia Assignment

Evaluate an Article

Review with the library teacher the following topics of the Wikipedia 101 handout:

·         Five Pillars of Wikipedia

·         Cleanup banners (also called Template messages)

·         References

·         Article rating scale

·         Discussion (Talk) page

·         History page

Find an article on your research topic in Wikipedia, and apply the Wikipedia Reliability Worksheet to it.


Edit an Article

For extra credit, select an article from Wikipedia that is not an A class article.  Choose a subject with which you are already familiar (it can even be the article you evaluated in the assignment above).

Use the handouts to identify what problems the article may have.

Research the topic of the article (using sources other than Wikipedia).  Make citations of the sources you use.

Using the library class Wikipedia account (see your library teacher for login information), edit the article to improve it.

Provide the library teacher with the URL to the Wikipedia article, noting the date you made changes.  Include also the citation list of sources you consulted, along with notes you took on the sources.


This assignment is adapted from Taming the Wild Wiki, a lesson plan at the Media Awareness Network