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Turning Points Project Research Essay

Suggested Topics List

    The Treaty of Versailles in 1918 and its consequences
    John Maynard Keynes and the influence of Keynesian economics
    Brown v. Board of Education and the integration of American schools
    Effects of Roe v. Wade
    Korea and limited warfare:  the firing of Douglas MacArthur
    Plessy v. Ferguson and the growth of Jim Crow
    Ronald Reagan and the resurgence of conservatism in America
    The Interstate Highway Act of 1956 and the growth of suburban America
    Television in the 1950s and the transformation of American entertainment
    Ms. magazine and the growth of the feminist movement
    Midway:  turning the tide in the Pacific war
    Walter Reed and the conquest of yellow fever
    The Civilian Conservation Corps:  savior of young men
    The sinking of the USS Maine and the beginning of the Spanish-American War
    The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 and the American labor movement
    Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse:  a cultural revolution
    The Beatles and the British invasion:  influence on American teenagers
    The Ayatollah Khomeini and the Islamic revolution in Iran:  Consequences for America
    Watergate and the weakening of the presidency
    Breaking the barrier:  Jackie Robinson
    The Keating-Owen Act and child labor
    The Marshall Plan and the reconstruction of postwar Europe
    The Tet offensive and American Political opinion
    Henry Ford, driving force behind the automobile revolution in America
    The Sears Roebuck catalogue and the rise of mass consumption
    Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and the growth of the environmental movement
    Curt Flood and free agency in baseball
    Harry Truman’s momentous decision:  dropping the bomb
    Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers
    The Tennessee Valley Authority:  government to the rescue
    Cesar Chavez and gaining a voice for the migrant worker
    The United States v. Nixon: taming the power of the Presidency
    U.S.A. Patriot Act:  Curbing American’s civil rights?
    When the Golden Door Slammed Shut: America’s Responsibility to Jewish Refugees During the Nazi Regime
    Women Aviators Answer the Call During World War II:  Vital to the war effort
    United States Intervention in 1970’s Chile: the world’s reaction to the role of the CIA
    The Navajo Codetalkers: America’s Secret Weapon
    Fed by Fear: The FBI’s Crusade the Black Panthers
    The Scopes trial: changing the way society views creation?
    Internet usage by children and teenagers:  too much freedom?
    Invitro fertilization: childless couples expensive alternative
    Dr. Kevorkian and the right to die
    Tragedy at Columbine:  strains of teenage life
     Cell phones: here, there and everywhere:  changing the way people communicate
     Vietnam War: forcing many to find ways to avoid the draft
     Surprise at Pearl Harbor:  the awakening of the sleeping giant and the catalyst for the building of a “war machine”.
    Korematsu V. United States:  was the decision right or wrong?
    The United States and the creation of Israel
    G. I. Bill of Rights:  building a smarter America
    Creation of the Peace Corps:  putting America’s best foot forward?
    The End of Camelot:  the assassination of John Kennedy.
    The 1964 Civil Rights Act:  Johnson leads America toward a fairer society.
    Medicare:  taking care of senior citizens?
    Closing our borders:  America and its responsibility to the world’s politically oppressed.
    Lady Bird Johnson:  Beautifying America
    Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
    Harlem Renaissance and Black pride
    The United States and the building of the Panama Canal
    Scapegoats and Joseph McCarthy: trying to find someone to blame
    Bankamericard: changing the way Americans spend money
    Warriors Don’t Cry: Melba Beals and the crisis at Central High
    26th Amendment:  giving a voice to 18 year olds
    War Powers Act of 1973:  curbing the power of the President
    Nixon’s visit to China:  opening relations with China
    NOW and the feminist movement
    Birth control pills and power to women
    AIDS and the explosion in sexually transmitted diseases--how will the world be changed?
    Kent State University and the rights of students to protest
    Woodstock Music Festival and the 1960s drug culture
    1960 counterculture movement:  using music to spread message of political and social unrest
    Engle v Vitale: outlawing prayer in public schools
    Miranda v. Arizona:  rights for the accused
    Gideon v. Wainright:  rights for the accused
    Agent Orange:  America’s responsibility to its soldiers
    Affirmative Action:  right or wrong?
    AIM (American Indian Movement):  raising awareness of the plight of Native Americans
    Gaming Casinos on tribal land
    Gay Marriage:  what rights do people have?
    O.J. Simpson:  Media show or maintaining rights for accused
    Product tampering and the safety for consumers
    Fast Food Nation:  modern day condemnation of the food industry?
    The explosion of the plastic surgery industry:  the quest for beauty and youth?
    DNA testing:  Paternity proof and paternal payment
    DNA testing and the Innocence project
    The public’s right to know? Bill Clinton and his impeachment