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Office Hours will be posted for each week.  Generally, I hold Office Hours  2 - 3 times each week  to answer students' questions,  work one-on-one or with small groups of students,  My Office Hours will usually take place between 2 and 4 pm, occasionally during lunch, and possibly one evening a week.  Check this space for updates!


STUDENTS:  It is YOUR responsibility to let me know when you have questions, need clarification, or want more help as you build your skills. Occasionally I will suggest that we work together on something, but it will be up to you to take up the opportunity.  


"Make Up" Mondays:

On Mondays, I am not available for conferencing but will be in the classroom for make up tests.  Students may also arrange to make up a quiz or test on other days, but make up tests should be done within one week of original testing date.   


Writing Conferences:

Students who would like more time to work with me on their writing should schedule an appointment to ensure that we will have at least 20 minutes together for more in-depth work.   Conference times may be available outside of posted office hours.  See me!

Extra Credit Opportunities

Language in the Community:

Opportunities abound to discover the role of language, of rhetoric, of writing, of books, of story-telling, and more in the local community and beyond. Many of these events are free and nearby.  

Extra credit available if you attend or participate in these events and write up the experience.  

Opportunities will be posted in class as they come to my attention; students attending other events and hoping to receive Extra Credit should check with me first. 


*Financial assistance* If the cost of a ticket to a local performance is more than you can pay, please let me know and I will make arrangements for a lower-priced or a free ticket.  This assistance only applies to tickets with a listed price of $20 or less. As much as I'd love to help you get to Hamilton, that's way outside of my circle of connections!  

Literary Terms

Throughout the year, we will explore rhetoric - the study of effective speaking and writing.  As we read the works of skilled orators, authors, poets, journalists, we'll look to them as mentors, discovering through close reading and analysis how they do what they do so well.  We'll observe the effects of various strategies, learn the terminology to discuss these techniques, and try our hand at incorporating the habits of the best into our own writing.  


Students have received a glossary of literary terms.  I will assign and quiz students on specific terms, based on their relevance to our unit of study.   


I encourage students to go beyond the glossary and discover the relevance of these terms in contemporary use - including pop culture and music, politics, and advertising -- as well as in the classics.  


Here are some sites to explore:  

Literary Terms  (https://literaryterms.net/)

"Silva Rhetoricae" (rhetoric.byu.edu) 

Glossary of Rhet. Terms  https://mcl.as.uky.edu/glossary-rhetorical-terms

I'll add others as we continue through the year...


Some parents ask how they can help with classroom supplies. Our budget for classroom supplies is very limited, so any contributions of the following items will be greatly appreciated.  

  • Gluesticks
  • Boxes of tissue/kleenex
  • Sticky notes - any size, color
  • Reams of colored paper - yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, beige -- anything except fluorescent
  • Extra copies of large spiral notebooks (*8-1/2 or 9" by 11")  

There is absolutely NO expectation for families to contribute supplies nor will any student receive any extra credit for bringing in extra supplies! 

Amer Lit Hon P

American LIterature HONORS

<< >>


 Davis Senior High School Fall Musical:  Louisa May Alcott's Little Women.

November 2, 3 at 7 pm; Nov 4 at 2 pm; and Nov 8, 9 10 at 7 pm

Student Tickets $10

If you would like to attend the performance but cannot afford the cost of a ticket, please let me know.  


Extra Credit available for attending the play on your own time and writing up your impressions.  See course locker or your NB for instructions on receiving Extra Credit. 

Amer Lit Hon P Site Locker

PPT, Word, Excel Viewers [Go]
Acrobat Reader [Go]

On Line Writing Resources

OWL Purdue: The MLA Formatting Source


From PURDUE OWL:  MLA Formatting and List of Works Cited


The Basics about In Text Citations:  Why?  How?  When?


How to Write Effective Conclusions - from UNC-Chapel Hill Writing Center



Start off the new year with a POINTS BOOST! See an ACME play during Winter Break, write it up for Extra Credit 

Turn in your write up by January 10 and you may count the Extra Credit towards either Q2 or Q3. 

If you need financial aid, let me know BY Monday, December 17, and I will help you to obtain a ticket. 
If you are performing or working on either of these plays, you may write up your experience for XC. 

"The Triangle Factory Fire Project" Jan 3, 4 & 10, 11 & 17, 18
In 1911, a factory fire in New York City claimed the lives of 146 workers - mostly young immigrant women. Using eyewitness accounts and court transcripts, this play explores the fire, the power structures that lit the match, and the explosive impacts that reverberate today.

"A Radio Murder Mystery" Jan 6, 12, 13, & 20
A killer is on the loose! And a group of desperate radio actors are locked in the studio with a script that solves the case. Join us for noir-meets-Marx Brothers radio comedy -- performed live, so both your eyes and ears enjoy the mystery.


For tickets and times:  



For this class, all students will need


No kidding!

Students will bring this notebook to class every single day, write in it every day, reflect on the contents regularly;  it will become a resource, reference, and record of everything we do this year. I have sample notebooks in class so that students will have a better idea of how they'll use their notebooks.   

You can find these notebooks at Target or Office Max/Office Depot. 

Cost = approximately $6.00* 

* Financial assistance is available for families who need it. Please contact me ASAP and I will provide a notebook.  



The notebooks pages should measure  8½ x 11  or 9 x 11 inches  --  large enough so that if you place a standard piece of copy paper into the notebook, none of the edges will extend beyond the notebook's own pages.   

*If the notebook has non-standard pages (e.g., 8” x 10"), a regular handout will not fit and the student will need to trim or fold all handouts that will go into NB. This is a hassle. Many of the less expensive notebooks are priced lower because the page sizes are smaller.  

*If the notebook contains fewer than 150 pages, the student may need to start a “Volume 2” before the end of the year.  The final notebook review will require students to review and turn in both volumes


Students will earn 25 points for having a notebook with the specifications described above. 

We will spend class time on Tuesday setting up the notebooks for the year... 



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